International Research Forum on Biomechanics of
Running-specific Prostheses
IBRSP2019   Feb. 21nd, 2019
Venue AIST Tokyo Waterfront ANNEX, Tokyo, Japan  map
Chairman Yasukazu Yoshida, Director General, AIST Tokyo Waterfront
Organizer AIST Tokyo Waterfront and Waterfront Collaboration Center
Language English / Japanese
Fee Free


  13:30-13:35 Opening remarks Dr. Yasukazu Yoshida (AIST Tokyo Waterfront, JPN)

  13:35-13:45 Preface Dr. Hiroaki Hobara (AIST, JPN)

  13:45-14:20 Keynote lecture 1 Dr. Thomas Abel (German Sport University Cologne, GER)

  14:20-14:55 Keynote lecture 2 Dr. Brendan Burkett (University of the Sunshine Coast, AUS)

  14:55-15:30 Keynote lecture 3 Dr. Kota Takahashi (University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA)

  15:30-17:00 Invited poster presentations and Coffee break

  17:00-18:00 Special session(In Japanese) Team Building for Para-athletes support

  18:00-18:05 Concluding remarks Dr. Mitsunori Tada (AIST, JPN)

  18:15-20:00 Networking Party
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 Speaker’s biography

Keynote lecture1: Dr. Thomas Abel (German Sport University Cologne, GER)
Elite paralympic sport and inclusion - two sides ONE medal!
Graduate Degree in Sport Sciences and Special Education German Sport University and the Faculty of Rehabilitation Pedagogy of the University of Cologne. Doctorate Degree in Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation. 2001- 2003 lecturer at the Institute of Sports Medicine, since 2003 senior lecturer at the Institute of Movement- and Neurosciences. Since 2009 Vice Head of Institute. Univ.-Prof. 'Paralympic Sport' since 2014. For 20 years he worked together with elite Paralympic athletes in different sports beneath several medallists at international competitions including Paralympics. Founder member of the European Research Group in Disability Sport. At the German Sport University, responsible for coordinating the area of disability sports. Representative of the rectorate for students with a disability. Member of the National Paralympic Committee (Medical Commission). Currently involved in a major research project at federal level aimed to improve the university education of physical education teachers for the joint education of children with and without disabilities.

Keynote lecture2: Professor Brendan Burkett (University of the Sunshine Coast, AUS)
The Running-Specific prosthesis: performance enhancing or essential for performance?
Professor Brendan Burkett interests focus on understanding human health and performance. As a professional engineer Brendan worked on projects in Australia and overseas on the Oil Rigs in the North Sea. Brendan was the Institution of Engineers, Australia, Professional Engineer of the Year in 2000. Brendan is also a professional sport scientist (Level 2) and high performance manager with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). These qualifications, in combination with Brendan’s experience as an athlete, create a practical and applied approach to solving human performance questions. Real-world experience has been attained as an Australian team member for the past 8 Paralympic Games and numerous world championships. As an amputee, Brendan also has some insight into the issues of prosthetic users, these include the comfort and function differences between a socket-based prosthesis and osseointegration.

Keynote Lecture3: Dr. Kota Takahashi (University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA)
Prosthetics and locomotion energetics: from gait rehabilitation to elite sprinting
Dr. Kota Takahashi is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomechanics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His research team is housed within the Nebraska Biomechanics Research Building. He received his PhD from the Biomechanics and Movement Science Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Delaware. He completed postdoctoral training from the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. His research focuses on the role of human foot and ankle structures on regulating energetic demands during locomotion, and the influence of wearable devices (e.g., prosthetics, exoskeletons, footwear) on mobility and rehabilitation.

Special Symposium (In Japanese)
Team Building for Para-athletes support
Para-athlete: Ms. Kaede Maegawa (Team KAITEKI)
Project manager: Dr. Satoshi Shimono (The KAITEKI Institute Inc.)
Physiotherapist: Mr. Takahiro Hotta (KUSAKA Hospital)
Athletic coach: Mr. Toshio Imura (IMURA Athlete Academy)
Researcher: Dr. Satoru Hashizume (AIST)
Moderator: Dr.Hiroaki Hobara (AIST)

 Poster presentations (tentative)

1,   Mizuho Takemura (Nihon Fukushi University, JPN)
Sports technology and ethics

2,   Satoshi Shimono (The KAITEKI Institute, Inc., JPN)
'Team KAITEKI Project'; Paralympics Legacy by RSP

3,   Siobhán Strike (University of Roehampton, UK)
Joint mechanics and leg stiffness at increasing submaximal running speeds when using dynamic prostheses

4,   Wouter Hoogkamer (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
Highly compliant and resilient running shoes: biomechanics, energetics and predicted performance gains

5,   Akane Tokui (National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities, JPN)
Thermographic evaluation of training methods for transtibial amputees

6,   Brian S Baum (Regis University, USA)
Does Prosthetic Design Influence Peak Joint Moments during Running?

7,   Anne Silverman (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
Muscle Activity during Running with a Unilateral Transtibial Amputation

8,   Steffen Willwacher (German Sport University Cologne, GER)
Basic leg joint function in sprinting of athletes with and without prostheses

9,   Wolfgang Potthast (German Sport University Cologne, GER)
The lever arm concept - an approach for performance diagnostics in prosthetic long jump

10,   Miho Odaira (Bridgestone Corporation, JPN)
Development of shoe sole for running-specific prosthesis

11,   Masaki Ishikawa (Osaka University of Health and Sport sciences, JPN)
Specific musculoskeletal characteristics for runners with and without running-specific prostheses

12,   Johannes Funken (German Sport University Cologne, GER)
Joint angle variation shown by long jumpers with a transtibial amputation during the take-off step

13,   Ying Wai Tan (Nanyang Technological University, SGP)
Joint kinematics during sprinting in unilateral transfemoral amputees with running-specific prosthesis

14,   Ralf Müller (German Sport University Cologne, GER)
From Science to Practice: Biomechanical Considerations for Performance Optimization in Paralympic
Track & Field Events

15,   Christophe Lecomte (ÖSSUR, ISL)

16,   Nicola Petrone (University of Padova, ITA)
Laboratory calibration and track testing of instrumented RSP during sprint running and long jumping
of elite paralympic athletes.

 Networking Party

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International Research Forum on Biomechanics of Running-specific Prostheses